Person successfully hosted the "National Fitness Cup" tennis tournament


August 8th, 2018 is the tenth "National Fitness Day" in the country and the 10th anniversary of the success of the Beijing Olympic Games. Passing healthy positive energy is the eternal concept of Puxung Pharmaceutical. Sponsored by Puxing Pharmaceutical, the “National Fitness Cup” tennis competition hosted by the Guangzhou Development Zone Sports Center was held in the sports center. Nearly 30 tennis fans from the district authorities, enterprises and institutions participated in the competition.
Pu Xing Pharmaceutical General Manager Tang Xing delivered a speech and participated in the doubles competition. Jiang Fengyang, the leader of the State-owned Assets Bureau of the district, kicked off the game. Taiwan’s famous tennis coach Lai Songxing announced the start of the competition.
The competition used the first round robin and then the elimination system, so the game was extremely fierce. The teams that entered the semi-finals had passed nearly five consecutive matches. It is impossible to stick to the final game without the usual insistence exercise. This reflects the theme of the National Fitness Day "everyday fitness, happy every day".
After fierce competition, Sports Center coach Qiu Chuangqi and Hengyun Group Huang Yansheng won the doubles title. Zhu Youjun, Director of the District Hospital and Yu Zhuling, General Manager of Ou Pu Rui, won the doubles runner-up. Liu Xingdong, general manager of Puxung Pharmaceutical and Liu Weidong, general manager of Kangsimei, Chen Dexiong, captain of the Public Security Bureau, and Xu Yidong, Hengyun Group, were tied for third place.


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